What We Offer


Christian Leadership Forum with the School Chaplain


Christian Leadership Forums seeks to offer and provide for each person in the school community true Christian development. It aims to develop the values of transformative, faithfulness, Christ-likeness, and accountability as its core values for community building.

Anchored on the core beliefs of Lordship of Jesus Christ, an excellent Christian lifestyle, advancing God’s kingdom and discipling the next generation the CBA and CLVF program is rooted in faith, love, hope, and the Word of God.





TFCA High School Students

Christian Education that offers a holistic Christian worldview perspective integrated with biblical principles in coaching, mentoring, teaching, and leading students in Christ-centered activities.

Curricular and co-curricular activities inter-plays with the motto of “strive for excellence” in all academic endeavors promoting achievement and development in the community. Promoting quality Christian education that is sealed with knowledge and wisdom from God’s word.




The Guidance program seeks to facilitate the formation of individuals who in the actualization of their God-given potentials become mature Christians. It aims to develop healthy persons who are capable of making sound decisions as guided by Filipino and Christian values formation and who, by the positive examples in their lives, can lead others to share in that life.

The Guidance Center is an avenue where an atmosphere of love, hope, patience, acceptance, and understanding prevails for a person to be able to express himself without fear of being rejected. It also aims to assists learners to become aware of themselves, to identify and accept their strengths and weaknesses, to take responsibility for self-growth and improvement, also to enhance interpersonal and life skills in building Christ-like character, and to identify and unleash their leadership potentials.





TFCA students teaching the kids of Bgy. Salapan a song before the feeding program

The Social Action Program seeks “to encourage a critical and dynamic social conscience through the development of educators and learners who would become God- fearing leaders, patriotic envoys, change agents, and accomplished dreamers, and work towards a Christian social and spiritual transformation”. It provides a connection between the school and the community as an indispensable feature of the school’s transformative process. It provides learners, employees, parents, church members, and alumni various opportunities to become responsive to the concerns prevalent in our community and participate in the renewal of the society to bring God’s glory to the world.

The three phases of the program are Leveling, Coaching and Mentoring, Exposure, and Immersion. All of which are geared towards the realization of the school vision-mission thereby producing young men and women who will make a dent towards educating the next generation of Christian leaders guided by the Holy Spirit.

TFCA high school students feeding the children in Bgy. Salapan

TFCA high school students feeding the children in Bgy. Salapan

Leveling, Coaching and Mentoring concepts shared   Christian Leadership Forums, Biblical preaching and discipleship, and similar Christian activities broaden a perspective of change, facilitate reflection and rally collective and organized response towards social issues affecting the lives of others in order to build influence and effect change in the society.

Exposure activities provide experiences of love, interaction and accountability which become the basis for a Biblical reflection and integration towards an action program for inner transformation and transforming for Christ.

Immersion activities are concrete extension outreach work where connecting links between students and others. This relationship takes place by living with them and getting to know Christ as their personal Savior. Evangelism followed by baptism and biblical foundation is geared towards the plan of social immersion as a way to spread the Gospel of Christ.




Basketball match between Grade 9 and Grade 10 girls

The Sports Program seeks to enhance and develop a good physical and mental health of learners. The program involves intramural games and extramural athletic and sports competitions with character development in sportsmanship and physical progress at the core of all activities.

The intramural games are managed by qualified coaches, trained teachers and school personnel while participation in outside athletics and sport competitions are handled by capable trainers who are committed to the ideals of sportsmanship and striving for excellence.




Resource time for SPED students

The Special Education Program seeks to provide quality Christian education to students with learning disabilities.  This is done through a holistic immersion and inclusion program which uses specialized interventions for growth and improvement.

It also provides tools and modified activities to assist learners to enhance their social, physical, intellectual, and emotional well-being. Competent teachers with a special education major or background, work towards social improvement and development to raise strong leaders who will create an influence of change.



ESL (English as a Second Language) and Introduction to FILIPINO (IntroFil) PROGRAM

The English as a Second Language and Introduction to Filipino Programs seek to provide non-English or non-Filipino speaking learners, who have building gaps and barriers in communication, an understanding in the context of environment. It also provides an avenue of cognitive, psychomotor, and affective methodologies in teaching learners to facilitate a language of love and communication towards an effective role of a person in a society.



The Financial Assistance Program of the institution is committed to facilitate educational prospects to children from low income groups. Financial assistance ranges from 20% discount rate to 100% discount rate on tuition fee depending upon the deliberation and evaluation done by the Committee on Financial Assistance and Scholarship and upon the approval of the Board of Trustees.

Deserving graduating grade school and high school students from public and private schools in need of financial assistance are the beneficiaries of this program with the aid of Education and Service Contracting (ESC) by the Department of Education for the Junior High and a voucher program for the Senior High school students.