New Learning Equipment for TFCA Students

TFCA has recently acquired new teaching/learning equipment that will help students boost their learning capabilities. Below is an inventory of these new equipment:

– Moonscope and Skygazer’s Activity Journal
– Easi-Speak Sound Station
– Easi-Speak Digital Microphone
– GeoSafari Talking Microscope
– Twist Flexible Digital Microscope
– Luna Interactive Projection Camera
– Telling Time Modular Flip Charts
– Folding Geometric Shapes
– Cross Section Frog Model
– Giant Magnetic Ten Frame Set
– Learning Resources Mental Blox
– Learning Resources Base Ten
– HotDots Let’s Master Grade 2 READING
– Snap Shots Critical Thinking Photo Cards
– Freeze Up
– Reading Rods Word for Word
– Pretend and Play Camp Set

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