TFCA Nutrition Month 2016

Article by: Nurse Katherine Ordiz


Grade 11 students enjoying their “student meal.” #nutritionmonth

“First 1000 Days ni baby ay pahalagahan para sa malusog na kinabukasan!” For the whole month of July, the elementary, junior and senior high school science teachers required their students to eat a balanced diet giving emphasis on eating vegetables and fruits.

During Tuesdays and Thursdays, their meals were being monitored by the canteen concessionaire and teachers, checking if they were really eating vegetables.

On the third week of the month, Grades 4-6 had a poster making activity / project which is in line with the Nutrition Month Theme of 2016 as their project in Science and HELE.

nutrition month tarp 2016 copyLast July 21,Thursday, at 1 in the afternoon, some of the Grade 10 students went to the Barangay Center to do some health teaching to pregnant and nursing moms of Barangay Salapan. After the discussion, they gave some snack prepared by the Grade 8 class and tokens for all the attendees sponsored by the Leader’s Council. There were 14 attendees. They also gave brochures which the whole Grade 10 class had prepared.

The following day, July 22, Friday morning, the Grade 7, together with their class adviser and the school nurse facilitated the feeding program for children in Barangay Salapan ages three to five years old. There were 40 beneficiaries of this feeding program. The class led the children to prayer, singing nursery and Bible songs and some parlor games. They then helped the children eat Sopas which the Grade 9 class had prepared.


Teacher Rizza Hermosa leading Zumba session.

Both of the community outreach programs were in partnership with the Barangay Health Center personnel. All the food preparation (by Grade 8 and 9) and health teaching preparation (materials such as the brochures, research and presentation) were projects by the TLE teacher.

For the culminating activity of the nutrition month, the preschool department presented their creative fruit masks/costumes.

While Grades one to four presented Zumba dance led by Mrs. Hermosa and some Grade 10 students. Grade five presented healthy snacks and grade six for a healthy smoothie led by Mrs. Nicomedes and Mrs. Manrique.


Teacher Sheila assisting the Preschool students parading in their Fruit Masks.

And during this program, our school physician had a brief discussion about the theme for additional knowledge or information for all the students of TFCA. In the afternoon, junior and senior higschool also presented a zumba dance presentation. The Grade 9 class also presented their special menu in maintaining healthy circulatory and respiratory systems which aims that this menu maybe included in the student’s daily meal.

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