TFCA Officially Starts SY 2016-2017

IMG_8967Last June 13, Tabernacle of Faith Christian Academy officially started SY 2016-2017. Rev. Ray Llarena, Ms. Leah Llarena, together with the new TFCA Principal, Mr. Andrew Tan, welcomed the students, the parents, and the employees at the drop off area in front of the school. The students were asked to go up the Sanctuary for the first flag ceremony of the new school year. Selected Grade 10 pupils were assigned to lead the flag ceremony.IMG_8994

Afterwards, Mrs. Chanel Alava greeted the entire student body and welcomed them to the new school year. She also recognized all the new students who enrolled. Rev. Ray Llarena, the school President also addressed the entire student body, welcomed the students, and challenged them to give their best efforts this year, all for the glory of God.

IMG_9009After the flag ceremony, the Students’ Orientation took place. Ms. Leah Llarena, TFCA’s Head for HR and Administration explained some changes to the school’s Vision and Core Values. She also introduced the roster of teachers and staff who will be giving service to the school this year. Mr. Joel Capote our Math Teacher and Mrs. Mikcon Alcantara, Filipino teacher gave some orientation regarding grades and awards. Mr. Marvin Enriquez, our AP teacher, spoke about discipline and school rules to be followed this year. Mr. Mike Agapay, our SPED coordinator explained the school’s new guidance program and introduced the person in charge of it in the person of Ptr. Adrian Jayobo, who is also TFCA’s school Chaplain. Mr. Agapay also gave a quick talk regarding the SPED Department and its program.

Mr. Andrew Tan, also had the chance to speak to the student body. He welcomed the students to the new school year. He mentioned about the new academic life that is going to happen in TFCA for SY 2016-2017. Mr. Tan also gave an explanation regarding the K to 12 and the Senior High School program of our school. He ensured there will be changed this school year all for the betterment of this institution.

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